If you have a creative idea or invention, you must protect yourself!

Attorney Daniel Ernsberger is a member of the patent bar and has several years of experience practicing intellectual property law. He has the experience to assist you in patenting your invention or litigating a patent claim on your behalf. In addition to patent work, he can help you with trademark and copyright issues. Don’t let someone else take your creative work from you. If someone wants to buy or license your intellectual property, Attorney Daniel Ernsberger can help you negotiate a fair licensing agreement that protects your rights.

While a patent requires a formal application process, copyrights and trademarks do not. This means that if you have developed a creative business slogan, written a short story, composed a song, or taken a photograph, you already own the intellectual property rights. A formal registration can increase your protection, but if your creative work is used by someone else without your permission, you already have a claim. Attorney Daniel Ernsberger has the skill and experience necessary to help you prevail in your claim. If possible, he can help you negotiate a fair settlement. If necessary, he can file suit on your behalf and take the claim through the legal system. Attorney Daniel Ernsberger will ensure that you are protected and that your voice is heard.

Intellectual property is highly valued and highly protected in the United States. Unfortunately piracy, the unpermitted use of another’s intellectual property, is still prevalent. The best way that you can protect your idea from piracy is to hire an intellectual property attorney, like Daniel Ernsberger, to help you take the proper steps to register your idea or invention and then to vigorously enforce your intellectual property rights through the legal system whenever someone pirates your idea.

If you need help patenting an invention, registering a trademark, or formally copyrighting creative work, Attorney Daniel Ernsberger can help. If you already have intellectual property rights in your work and have notice that it has been pirated, Attorney Daniel Ernsberger can help. You’ve already had your breakthrough idea. Hiring an experienced intellectual property attorney is the next step. Call Attorney Daniel Ernsberger of the firm Behrend and Ernsberger, P.C. today at (412) 391-2515 for your intellectual property needs.